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"Let's Talk About God" Starting April 8th, Fr. Jonathan will lead a 4 week bible study on the resurrection appearances of Jesus. Coffee, tea and donuts will be provided. This will be a very informal class. There is no homework or preparation needed for this class. We will meet at 9:15 (where the 10:15 service is held). Please join us!

Parish Conversation, Wednesday, April 25, 6:30—8:00 p.m., St. Agnes Parish Hall


1. Brief business meeting to approve minor changes to the By-Laws: Change to Article III, section 1.c: Instead of 1/2 plus 1 of membership constituting a quorum for a parish meeting it is proposed to change it to 10% of the membership. Rationale is that our "membership" is much greater than the average Sunday attendance and we want to avoid a situation where someone could contest a Parish meeting decision because we did not have enough people at the meeting. Change throughout: Consistently capitalize the word “Church” when referring to All Saints Church.

2. A brief summary of the current state of our assets, including land, buildings, budget, and endowments.

3. Brief presentation: “Beginning to Plan for our Future.” There are three questions we want to ask ourselves in the coming months: who are we, what has God called us to do, and how do we use our assets to fulfill that mission?

4. Break into small groups to begin talking about who we are. What do we love about All Saints and why we are part of this church?

5. Final discussion about whether this format and time works for future conversations and what themes we'd like to address in those future conversations.

Aumbry candle dedications - Only $10.00 to make a dedication in honor/memory of a loved one. Please call/email Karen at the All Saints office.

Altar Flowers- Please call Barbara Gagliardo to dedicate altar flowers in memory or celebration of your friends or family.  Its only $45.00 for a regular bouquet.




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