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"Father Jonathan's Adult Forum": The forum has resumed. Class meets at 9:15 AM in the parish hall where the 10:15 AM service is held. The current topic follows the book, Walk in Love: Episcopal Belief and Practices. The books can be ordered from any bookstore and from Amazon. If you have difficulty obtaining a copy of the book, contact Father Jonathan and he will help. Click the book cover below if you wish to purchase the book from Amazon.

Class schedule:

September 30th - Introduction and Overview

October 21st - Chapters 2 and 4

October 28th - Chapters 9 and 10

November 11th - Chapters 14 and 15

November 18th - Chapters 17 and 18

November 25th - Chapters 24 and 25

Aumbry candle dedications - Only $10.00 to make a dedication in honor/memory of a loved one. Please call/email Karen at the All Saints office.

Altar Flowers- Please call Barbara Gagliardo to dedicate altar flowers in memory or celebration of your friends or family.  Its only $45.00 for a regular bouquet.


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